Monday, March 19, 2012


Wow. It sure has been a while since I've blogged. There are many reasons for this, so I'll start by taking you through my journey on how I got here, typing away this afternoon.

First of all, good god is it a beautiful day in New York City. It's the perfect day to inspire some outdoor fitness. An even more compelling reason? Trying out the new kicks you bought over the weekend (like I did--Thanks, Jack Rabbit).

And here they be, laces almost glowing, they're so new:

Check out how worn down my old shoes were. Old shoes pictured left.

Yikes, right? The old pair are as smooth as a baby's backside. I didn't realize how much I needed a new pair until A) My knee started hurting after a 4.5 miler last week and B) Until I saw the difference in the old vs. the new pair. Bad news bears, right there. Don't let your shoes get this worn down!

Anyhoooo....I was psyched to try out my new shoes and enjoy the weather, but I didn't anticipate having a small revelation along the water front this morning. That's what exercise can do for you, though. It can truly clear your head to make way for new ideas to come to your way. That's why you should never stop moving!

So, I'm jogging away, thinking about how nice it is to be outside while watching fellow fitness lovers pass me by, and I realize that so many of the blog posts I'd written in the past were inspired by working hard on my own while observing exercise enthusiasts on my route. I reconnected with the fact that I hadn't blogged in forever and started to beat myself up over it. Then I reminded myself that the reason I haven't blogged is because I decided to refocus on my theater career. It takes a lot of energy to put yourself out there as an actor/singer with the many auditions, practice, classes, and networking that is involved. I decided to give up thinking about this blogging stuff and article writing. I thought I might give it up forever and entirely. Until today when I realized that I had been doing what I had advised against so many times in the past: putting your all or putting nothing into whatever it is that you're doing. When I advised against this in the past, it was about fitness, of course. But obviously you can relate this to anything you do in life. We all have multiple talents. If we spent all our time doing just one thing, we would be so very bored. Just like with exercise. If you only run or you only lift or you only ride your bike, your body will never be challenged to change and grow. You don't want that in life and you don't want that in your body. You want to constantly switch things up in your fitness routine to always test your muscles so they too, stay excited and guessing. Otherwise, it will take a lot less effort to do whatever it is your muscles have gotten accustomed to doing, your body won't have to work as hard, and your metabolism will slow.

I'm taking my own fitness advice and relating it to my life. I can sing and blog at the same time. Well, maybe not simultaneously, but I can sing for an hour and then blog for an hour and know that I have a lot to give. Just like you! So give your body a new fitness routine today, and see how sore you are tomorrow. I promise you'll like it. Be Well!