Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get it shakin', Eggs and Bacon!

I was just checking out my website and I noticed that it has been just over 10 days since I last posted a new blog entry. Eek! I know part of it has been lack of motivation and the other part has been pure laziness. These days in NYC, it's been beyond hot outside and I feel myself dragging and lacking energy. Today I woke up and thought, "ok, get it together! You might not know what you want to write about, but just start typing and at least write something." So here I am, writing and not exactly sure where to go from here...

You might feel the same way about your workouts from time to time as well. Somedays, it's hard to know where to begin and what exactly you should be doing in the gym that day. All you have to do is get started and go from there. Take it in simple steps:

Step One: Get your gym clothes on, especially your shoes (having your shoes on will give you that "get up and go" kind of feeling. If you're just hanging in your socks and easy to move in workout gear, you might be tempted to throw your feet up on the couch and get comfy). As simple as this seems, it's often the hardest step. Just finding that motivation to get started can be tough but once you begin, it's easier to keep going.
Step Two: Get to the gym. Again, a seemingly easy step but another tough hurdle. The couch can seem so inviting sometimes, can't it? I promise you that you'll feel so much better once you begin! Get moving!
Step Three: Jump on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical to warm up your body. Once you get your blood flowing and oxygen to your muscles, you will get in the groove and ready for whatever you want to do that day. Perhaps you'll stay on your cardio machine of choice for an extended period of time or maybe a simple five minute warm up will inspire you to lift weights or try a new class that the gym is offering that day.

Whatever it is, you got over the hump to just get started. Pushing yourself to make the effort can be tough, but once you've begun, you can only go up from there.

Hey! Lookie here! I've just finished writing my blog entry for the day! All it took was getting started. :-)

Be Well!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wellness Defined

Lately, I've been thinking about what makes me happy in my life as far as wellness goes. Wellness is defined as "the quality of state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort." I also believe it to be the place where you land once you have balanced both health and fitness for yourself. Balance is the key to being happy and I've been thinking about what that balance is for me. I've been trying to define my own wellness while letting go of some of the "shoulds" in my life and adding more of the "wants." Sometimes, the two go hand in hand...If you want something, there are things you should do but you have to ask yourself, is it worth it for your own personal wellness?

What do I mean by that? Here's an example: I had a client ask me how he could look like the hard-bodied movie stars he saw on the covers of his favorite magazines. I told him that if he wanted that look, he would need to work out at least 5 days a week, follow a regimented diet, and cut out any alcohol he was currently consuming. He laughed in my face. With his workaholic kind of schedule, 5 days a week of exercise wasn't an option for him unless he cut back in the office (which, at this point in his career, he wasn't willing to do). Also, as an avid foodie and wine connoisseur, he didn't want to make the sacrifice of cutting out his frequent restaurant visits and nightly bottles of wine. In this instance, he should have taken my advice to get wanted, but he had to settle for balance instead. He would work out 3 days a week, enjoy his food and wine, and be proud of the trim body he could maintain, six-pack or not. That was his personal wellness.

Maybe your personal wellness is sacrificing simple pleasures like food and alcohol to maintain a cut figure. More power to you! Eat clean to look lean and mean. Maybe your personal wellness is making sure to exercise daily and eat whatever your heart desires (please don't eat fast food, though :-)). Define for yourself what is and don't let anyone else decide what that is for you.

As far as my own wellness goes...These days, I am living in a much more happening area of town and my social life is much more hoppin'. With my new lifestyle comes a little bit more alcohol and food consumption which equals more calorie intake. For now, I'm happy with this. I'm having fun and living my life. I work harder in the gym if possible and watch that I don't go overboard. If I do go overboard from time to time (overboard for me is maybe having that extra glass of wine when I don't need it or eating dessert when I've had enough to eat already), I'm not beating myself up over it. Again, maybe I'll do a little extra in the gym the next day to make up for it . Life is meant to be enjoyed and I'm trying my best to do just that...enjoy. I hope that you'll enjoy by your definition of enjoyment/wellness and Be Well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anything Can Happen Day

Last year, my mom shared something with me that has influenced how I'm trying to live my life this year. She told me that when she was a child, her favorite television show was The Mickey Mouse Club (no, that's not it...keep reading). She would come home from school and tune in every day, waiting in anticipation for what the theme of the day would bring. Every day of the week had a special theme such as "Fun with Music" Monday or "Circus" Thursday. Those days were fine for her, but the day she couldn't wait for each week was "Anything Can Happen Day" on Wednesdays. How exciting to not know what kind of crazy antics the show would bring!

So, there's where the influence of the year came in...Instead of giving myself a New Year's resolution, I decided to give myself an overall theme of the year. I declared 2010 to be "Anything Can Happen Day" year. That's right, Anything can happen. I wanted to allow myself to feel the excitement of not knowing what each day will bring. This year, I'm giving myself the chance to believe that I'm capable of doing anything I want to do and that I have the power to make it come true. Ok, maybe it sounds a little cheesy, but hey, I needed it. I'm the kind of person who can try to plan things too much and sometimes, put limits on myself. It's really freeing to take a different road that can end in a fork and not know where it might take me.

You can tie this belief into your health and wellness, too. Set goals for yourself and truly believe that you can do it. It can be something like taking a class that you've never tried before like yoga or spinning. Or maybe you can give yourself a bigger goal like signing up for a race that you have to train for. Perhaps it's something smaller like always taking the stairs instead of the elevator at your office or apartment building. Whatever it is, you can achieve it! Sure, it will take a little work but hey, anything can happen! Honestly, I never thought I would run a half-marathon and now I've run two of them. Proof in the puddin'!

Get to it and believe in yourself. Open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities. Once you allow it and believe it, the world is your oyster, my friend. This year, things have happened to me that I didn't think possible. Some of those things have been small and some have been more life changing. Nevertheless, Anything Can Happen Day.

Be Well.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Healthy Body=Happy You

If you read fitness magazines like I do, you've probably seen articles commonly titled "Loving Your Body-No Matter What!" that seem to reappear again and again, month after month. They usually suggest that you stop focusing on the body parts you hate and redirect your attention to the body parts you dig the most. I strongly advocate this behavior because let's face it, most of us aren't perfect. I know I'm certainly not. Often times while looking in the mirror, I catch myself zeroing in on the parts of me that need work, not on the parts that are working pretty well already.

Here's my suggestion to take all of this 'loving your body' stuff a step further: Appreciate your body for it's health and what it allows you to do on a daily basis. Appreciate it's strength and function. Ask yourself what that is for you. Is it going on a jog in your favorite park? Pushing through a spinning class? Lifting 5 extra pounds than last week? Picking up your child? Carrying your groceries home without huffing and puffing? Whatever it is, try your best to love your body for all of the things it allows you to do.

As I was training one of my clients the other day, she told me she used to always have an issue with the size of her legs. She shared that the issue melted away one fantastic day while on a skiing trip. She was on the slopes and rocking out a difficult run when she realized that there was no way she could be such a great skier if it weren't for her strong legs. Skiing was an activity that she had always been great at and without the strength of her legs that she always had issues with, her skiing would plainly suck. From that day forward, she gained appreciation and lost hate. I love that story.

It's easy to be negative. I find myself in negative places every day! Work at being positive and eventually, positivity will come naturally. If you are a healthy person, embrace it and be thankful today. If you're not healthy, then get working at it! Focus on your health and you will only feel great as a result.

Be Well!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It might not be the official first day of summer (that's June 21st this year), but it sure feels like it out there on the streets of New York City. It's time to jump off your cardio machine of choice and get outside for your workouts. Whether you're running, biking, rollerblading, or walking, www.mapmyrun.com. is a great (free!) tool for mapping any mileage in your city of choice.

Click on "Start Mapping" on the homepage and you are ready to plan out your route! If you are too busy (or lazy) to plan out a route on your own, the website also offers suggestions on the homepage for runs that other's have created in your area. It will show you a map of the route, a description of the terrain, and the experience the person had while on the run (click for an example here). Pretty cool.

I've been using MapMyRun a lot since I've moved. I didn't know where the best places to run were in my new neighborhood or how far I would be going, so it's helped a lot. This is one rockin' site! Get planning and take it to the street, park, or riverside. Also, remember that when you're exercising outside in the heat, be sure to stay plenty hydrated. Your body is working overtime to keep you cool and sweating is the way to do that. The more you sweat, the more water your body loses (our bodies are made up of about 65% water!) and the more dehydrated you can get. For tips on working out in the heat click here . Have fun out there and Be Well!