Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Days and Bad Days: Part Deux

I recently blogged about having good days and bad days when it comes to exercise (check out that post here ). Sometimes you can feel energized and have an amazing workout, but the next day it feels like you are moving through concrete. I’ve been feeling a little concrete-ish myself in my more recent runs, but last week I had a breakthrough run that made me feel amazing again.

It was a beautiful day in NYC and I knew I had to take advantage and run outside. Still, nice weather or not, I wasn't looking forward to it, so I decided to motivate myself by picking a new route through Central Park and shake things up. I researched the park and discovered that the path around The Reservoir is 1.55 miles. If I ran that twice and included my run to and from the gym, it would be about 4 miles. When I started, I felt sluggish like I have lately, but once I hit the park, I caught my stride. I was passing people left and right (literally) and I felt amazing. I even lapped a huge athletic dude who was probably 6 feet tall, a good 8 inches taller than me. I usually don't care who I pass or who passes me, since I try to focus on personal battles, but today I took note since I hadn't felt this good in a while.

That day has inspired my workouts since. Today I went on a run that wasn't so fantastic, but I thought of my rockin' jaunt around The Reservoir and that got me through. What gets you through? Is it a friend? Some good tunes? A goal that you want to achieve? Whatever it is, reach down deep and find some inspiration to help you push through another rep, swim an extra lap, bike an extra mile, run another 5 minutes...You can do it! Be Well!

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