Thursday, September 30, 2010

Music Gets you Movin'

I like music. I like to listen to it while I get ready for my day, walk the streets of New York, ride the subways, do my laundry, wash the dishes...Just about any time really. I need music. It's a part of who I am and it's also a part of my workouts. I find that when I go out for a run and my ipod unexpectedly runs out of battery, I feel left high and dry, having to finish the workout without my partner. My motivator. My friend! Ok, ok, I'm being a bit dramatic. But seriously, how people workout without music is beyond me. It always gets me going and pushes me beyond my perceived limits every time I hit the gym or the running trail.

I read a study in which 12 healthy male college students were asked to bike while listening to six popular music tracks with different tempos for each song. When the bikers listened to faster music that they enjoyed listening to, their distances covered increased as the time taken to cover those distances decreased. Respectively, as the music slowed, so did their speeds as their distances decreased. Proof in the puddin' that when you listen to faster music that you dig, your exercise performances only gets better. Throw on your ipod and get out there!

Here are my 10 favorite workout tunes that get me going every time. Feel free to copy, paste, and download for a more rockin' workout.

1) Summerfish -Leonid Rodenko featuring Daniella
2) White Lies- Paul van Dyk
3) Cry for You- September
4)Knock You Down- Keri Hilson and Kanye West
5) Vivrant Thing- Q-Tip
6) Hustle Blood- Big Boi feat. Jamie Foxx
7) Calabria 2006- Enur feat. Natasha
8) 15 Step-Radiohead
9) Money to Blow- Drake
10) Don't Leave Me This Way- Thelma Houston

Be Well!

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  1. Money to blow? Drake blows; how about that?

    Love that Big Boi song, though.