Thursday, June 16, 2011

I don't want no myths...

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  1. Natalie, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen articles in magazines about specific exercises that will give you “fab abs in no time flat,” I’d be able to afford a new pool for my backyard. (Above ground. Probably inflatable.) Based on the amount of misinformation generated by the media alone, it’s no wonder that so many people believe they can spot train their way to perfection.

    I came across a great article that reinforces the content of your vlog (keep up the awesome vlogging – I love it). It’s published on the IDEA Health & Fitness Association website, written by Jason Karp, PhD, and entitled “Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions in a Fitness Center (And Their Answers.” It’s a highly informative article and on the topic of spot training, Karp wrote:

    "One of the biggest exercise myths is that you can lose fat in an area of the body by strength training or exercising that specific body part. The truth is that 'spot reducing' and 'spot toning' do not work, because we cannot dictate from where our bodies will decide to oxidize fat, nor can we change fat into muscle."

    And on the topic of achieving that coveted flat-stomach look, Karp also spoke to the impact of genetics in the mix:

    "Genetics also plays a role in whether or not your clients can obtain a flat stomach or a 'six-pack' look to their abdominals. Having said that, two types of exercise can help: strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The abdominals are just like any other muscle group: For their definition to become visible, they must grow larger and the fat that lies over them must decrease."

    Like you, Karp also mentioned the importance of diet in the flat stomach equation. The article is a good read and a nice complement to your vlog. Definitely worth checking out: