Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It might not be the official first day of summer (that's June 21st this year), but it sure feels like it out there on the streets of New York City. It's time to jump off your cardio machine of choice and get outside for your workouts. Whether you're running, biking, rollerblading, or walking, www.mapmyrun.com. is a great (free!) tool for mapping any mileage in your city of choice.

Click on "Start Mapping" on the homepage and you are ready to plan out your route! If you are too busy (or lazy) to plan out a route on your own, the website also offers suggestions on the homepage for runs that other's have created in your area. It will show you a map of the route, a description of the terrain, and the experience the person had while on the run (click for an example here). Pretty cool.

I've been using MapMyRun a lot since I've moved. I didn't know where the best places to run were in my new neighborhood or how far I would be going, so it's helped a lot. This is one rockin' site! Get planning and take it to the street, park, or riverside. Also, remember that when you're exercising outside in the heat, be sure to stay plenty hydrated. Your body is working overtime to keep you cool and sweating is the way to do that. The more you sweat, the more water your body loses (our bodies are made up of about 65% water!) and the more dehydrated you can get. For tips on working out in the heat click here . Have fun out there and Be Well!

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