Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Tip #16

Day 16 (and my last day) of holiday tippin'.
I've decided to make this my last day of blogging until the new year. I'm so excited to have some time to relax and recoup with family and friends from tomorrow until January 2nd. Rejuvenation is just as important for your health as working out and eating well. So to that end, here's my

Enjoy your last week and a half of 2010. Take this time to unwind and be good to your body. Eat healthfully, exercise, or if you've been keeping up with your workouts all year, it may be a great time to give your body a rest. You can take a couple days off or tone down your workouts a bit. Rest is just as important for your muscles as working hard. Your muscles need time to repair and rebuild and if you have some time off of work for the holidays, use it to let your hard work pay off! Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you haven't been able to fit in much exercise this holiday season, take the gift of extra time to treat yourself to a yoga class, a long walk or jog with family, or whatever it is that makes your body feel it's best. Bottom line: do what is best for your soul. This is the time to soak up the good and enjoy.


Have fun and let yourself enjoy your favorite treat that you never allow yourself during the year. Holiday cookies? Apple pie a la mode? Your mom's famous holiday dinner?
Whatever that is for you, savor it. I know I'm going to!

Merry Christmas to all of you who read my blog (I'm so thankful that you do!) and Be Well!!!

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